4th instructor training event at HANU, December 12, 2020

  The 4th instructor training event hosted by Hanoi University took place on 12 December 2020. The event was attended by 16 lecturers from all departments of the Faculty of Information and Technology, Hanoi University. Trainers at the event were Dr. Thang Nguyen Xuan, Dean of the Faculty and Msc. Thao Do Thi Phuong, key staff of the project ALIEN, both of whom are key staff for ALIEN at Hanoi University.

During the workshop Dr. Thang introduced the ALIEN project, its objectives, and achievements at Hanoi Univesity. Dr. Thang also revealed a plan by the Faculty of Information Technology to apply active and problem-based learning in courses in the coming semester. MSc. Thao Do Thi Phuong shared her experiences on creating activities and problems for her courses, including Special Subject 1, Special Subject 2, and Computer Networks. Participants shared ideas on how to utilize active learning in their next courses.

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