ALIEN presentation in meeting for problem-based learning 27/9/2020

The second e-meeting of European project Active Learning Community for Upskilling Technicians and Engineers was organized by the University of Gabrovo on November 27, 2020. The meeting was attended by 17 individuals participants from 4 universities and 4 chambers of commerce from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and Poland. Specifically, the organizations that participated were The Technical University of Gabrovo, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria, the Chamber of Commerce of the town of Kavala, Greece, the International University of Greece, the Polytechnic of Gdansk, Poland, the University of Nis, Serbia, Privredna Komora Srbije, Serbia, and Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza Pomorza, Poland. Since ALIEN focuses on related problem-based activities, the ALIEN problem-based learning platform as a best practice focusing on the problem structure, content, and teaching methodology. The University of Gabrovo researchers shared their experience on deploying active learning through the ALIEN problem-based learning platform. The event provided a valuable opportunity to promote ALIEN project outcomes to professional bodies and authorities in South East Europe.

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