Project reports                   

Work Package 1: Preparation

D1.1 Detailed workplan

Work Package 2: Specification, design, and development

D2.1 Institutional strategy

D2.2 Specification of the technical components

D2.3 ALIEN PBL platform reference guide

WP3: Implementation

D3.1 Evaluation of the implementation phase

WP4: Community building

D4.2 Community events

Work Package 5: Dissemination and exploitation

D5.1 Dissemination plan

D5.7 Sustainability plan

Individual lab exploitation plans

Work Package 7: Quality assurance

Quality assurance plan

D7.1 External evaluator interim report at month 18

D7.2 External evaluator final report at project completion

ALIEN kickoff meeting evaluation

ALIEN 2nd project meeting and internal project evaluation

ALIEN 3rd project meeting and internal project evaluation

ALIEN 4th project meeting and internal project  evaluation

ALIEN 5th project meeting and internal project evaluation

ALIEN 6th project meeting and internal project evaluation