ALIEN community event in Tallinn, 2/3/2021

The goal of the event was to introduce active learning as well as the objectives and activities of the ALIEN project. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the event took place on-line and was attended by 6 individuals from Tallinn University and Aalto University Finland.

The event started with an introduction of the ALIEN project and continued with a presentation of the ALIEN portal and the digital learning platform, including the problems and scenarios published through it. Furthermore, the event focused on ALIEN related initiatives, such as the development of a wiki for more engaged online teaching and the newly funded CBHE ICT-INOV project that focuses on design thinking and gamification in learning.

More specifically, participants had the opportunity to get exposed to ALIEN project objectives on the implementation and validation of problem-based learning in STEM subjects using virtual learning environments and taking advantage of a multinational learning community.

The participants further were exposed to how ALIEN methodologies and tools were integrated into Tallinn University courses through the publication of problems on the ALIEN digital learning platforms.

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