ALIEN develops:

A strategic plan for the deployment of Active Learning and Problem-Based Learning.

An analysis of the state of the art in European and partner countries on the deployment of PBL in engineering higher education.

A pedagogical methodology that promotes Active Learning through ICT, manifested through the design of a digital PBL platform that facilitates PBL learning.

A PBL physical laboratory in each participating University in Asia. The lab will be properly equipped and staffed. It will be a place  where teachers can create and test their own problems, where they can connect to the ALIEN virtual community of teachers and researchers, and where practical sessions with students can take place.

An on-line PBL collaborative platform that supports the production, storage, sharing, and reuse of problems and challenges to be used in Problem-based Learning. The community will allow a multinational community of researchers, teachers, and practitioners to discuss share best practices on active learning.

A set of serious games and simulations and corresponding pedagogical guidelines that demonstrate Problem-based Learning scenarios, accessible through the ALIEN on-line platform.

A set of training actions motivating and preparing teachers for the implementation of Problem-based Learning.

SIG groups for the exchange of good practices and experiences on PBL deployment, engaging a group of individuals at each partner site.