What our partners say

We asked our partners to identify the one, most important positive impact of ALIEN. These are their responses:

John Von Neunmann, Vientam

“Through the ALIEN project, the active learning and problem-based learning methods have become more prevalent in our educational institution. The approach of faculty and students has had a great positive change in the way they communicate and work together in posing and solving subject-related problems. Following the activities identified in the project, many fruitful results can be found and expanded in the Vietnamese pedagogical environment.”, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Truong Huy, Deputy Director of John von Neumann Institute – Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

National University of Future and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan

“Project ALIEN has immensely changed our perspective of Problem-based blended learning which is the utmost need of the time.”, Dr. Irum Imayat.

Porto Polytechnic, Portugal

“For the Porto Polytechnic, ALIEN had a major impact on two aspects: firstly, on the systematization of the adoption of Active Learning in our courses and programmes – ALIEN helped moving from a causistic approach to a generalized support thanks to the examples and best practice resulting from the project; secondly, on the internationalization of the institution – ALIEN has definitely contributed to expand the network of collaborations into other regions of the world and paved the way for future mobilities of students and teachers into Asia.”, Dr. Carlos Vaz de Carvalho.

Tallinn University, Estonia

“Western people have many stereotypes when they think about the Asian education system. Stereotypes like – teaching in Asian universities is authoritarian (it’s one-directional and teacher-oriented), students never ask questions because this is not polite and they don’t want to put a teacher into a difficult situation. The ALIEN project demonstrated that teachers are using active learning methods in all over the world, and students are the same everywhere.”, Dr. Martin Sillaots.

Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria

“ALIEN project positively affected the teaching/learning process at the Technical University of Gabrovo. It introduced active learning techniques, especially problem-based learning, in the education of engineering students, which on one hand made the engineering classes more interesting and attractive and, on the other hand, helped engineering students improve their analytical and critical thinking, creativity, team work and communication skills thus meeting the demands of industry. In addition, it appeared a good basis for expanding its application to other target groups and in different context. The University is now working on a EU Project where active learning tools are introduced into a training for upskilling technicians and engineers employed in the sector of Machine Building and mechatronics (allCUTE project). Furthermore, the University academic staff were able to improve their teaching competence so as to provide better education opportunities.”, Dr. Tsvetelina Petrova.

Kathmandu University, Nepal

“ALIEN Project has created an environment whereby the students not only have a clear understanding in their subject matter  but also able to apply their gained knowledge for problem solving.”, Dr. Dhiraj Shrestha.

Institute of Technology Cambodia, Cambodia

“For the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, ALIEN helped ITC to involve more lecturers to practice and adopt the Active Learning in the classroom. The lecturers at ITC also learn new methods of AL and PBL through example, best practice, and experience sharing from partners in the Consortium.”, Mr. Heng Lay.

University of Malaya, Malaysia

“Active learning through our Technology Enabled Learning Space (TEALS) made learning more meaningful, enjoyable and catalytic improvement in academic performance contributing to the future excellence of our nation.”, Dr. Rajah Jamilah Rajah Yusof.

 University of Thessaly, Greece

“ALIEN reinforced the deployment of active learning in a wide number of courses, increased instructor awareness on active learning, and significantly contributed to internationalization through a network of Asian and European Universities.”, Dr. Hariklia Tsalapatas.

University of Central Lancashire, UK

“The best thing that we gained most from ALIEN was to be part of a cross national community in the discussion of learning at higher education level. We felt this two way communication and dialogue was very valuable.”, Dr. Janet Read.

ISRA University

“ALIEN had a positive impact on both the faculty members as well as the students. The faculty members were able to incorporate problem-based learning (PBL) practices in their teaching which improved students’ level of motivation, understanding, problem-solving skills, and grades. ALIEN also helped in establishing a PBL lab and increasing the resources (equipment) that can be used by the faculty members and students for teaching and research”.

University of Battambang

“ALIEN has contributed in upgrading teaching pedagogy via active learning and problem based learning in our existing engineering curriculum”.


“ALIEN project has given us the opportunity to collaborate closely with other international institutions in reaching for the common goal of enhancing the teaching and learning experience through active learning and problem-based learning techniques that were systematically introduced, implemented and monitored”.

Tribhuvan University

“Active learning practices which were new for us in the beginning have significantly contributed to our academic environment in our university by developing industry demanded skills among students and at the same time, it built instructor capacity on innovative learning design”.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology

“The biggest impact of the ALIEN project is that we have leveraged the experience of universities in Europe and Asia in applying active learning when designing new training programs as well as when developing learning materials for courses of School of ICT. The PBL lab sponsored by ALIEN is a model for us to deploy more PBL labs for other training programs at HUST”.

Hanoi University

“ALIEN provides our teachers with important knowledge and skills to develop effective and satisfying teaching and learning experience in engineering education “.

Mean Chey University

” ALIEN project has impact with academics study and changed the norms of students study from individual to group and sharing ideas, experience, knowledge through active learning to solves in PBL ‘ s lab and display the finding”.