ALIEN on the internet      

Following are some known publications on ALIEN in regional media, although it is very likely that more exist. Please note that the internet is always evolving, which means that is is possible for some links to become inactive without notice to us.

ALIEN on Larissanet news outlet, 10/12/2019 goto link

ALIEN on Taxydromos newspaper, 10/12/2019 goto link

ALIEN on Magnesianews newspaper, 9/12/2019 goto link

ALIEN on the Newspaper news outlet, 12/2019 goto link

ALIEN on ERT national TV station, 12/2019 goto link

ALIEN on the Trikalaola news outlet, 23/1/2019 goto link

ALIEN on the Serious Games Network, 7/2/2019 goto link

ALIEN on eThessalia news outlet, Greece, 20/6/2018 goto link

ALIEN on Magnesia News outlet, Greece, 21/6/2018 goto link

ALIEN on New Economy news outlet, 21/6/2018 goto link

ALIEN on Taxydromos news outlet, Greece, 21/6/2018 goto link

ALIEN on official R&D page, 30/10/2018 goto link