ALIEN’s aim is to improve the quality of higher education by providing more motivating, stimulating, and effective learning contexts based on AL and PBL that prepare students for their professional life through the development of industry desired competences.

ALIEN introduces a learning intervention that addresses all challenges that inhibit the wide deployment of AL and PBL in engineering higher education.

  • It develops physical PBL labs at 12 partner universities in Asia and more specifically in Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • It develops a digital learning platform based that promotes student collaboration in AL and PBL contexts towards developing problem-solving capacity
  • It organizes instructor training for facilitating the adoption of AL and PBL in classrooms
  • It develops a community of educators, students, and other stakeholders for capacity building on the use of AL and PBL


The ALIEN PBL intervention, which includes a PBL learning methodology supported by physical labs and a digital learning environment, aims to reach 1.000 students at 17 institutions in 10 countries, namely Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia, Portugal, Estonia, Bulgaria, the UK, and Greece.