ALIEN presented at Diofantos research center in Greece, 18/2/2021

The ALIEN project, its objectives, activities, and outcomes were presented to researchers and educational coordinators at the Diofantos center. The center is responsible for the production of all educational content delivered to primary and secondary education schools and works closely with the Greek Ministry of Education assuming a consulting role.

The presentation focused on problem-based, experiential, and active learning. Subsequently, the ALIEN project was presented, with an emphasis on the collaboration between Europe and Asia, the labs created at partner sites, the ALIEN digital problem-based learning platform, and instructor training and other events. A short discussion followed on problem-based learning in secondary and higher education, while there were comparisons between the ALIEN platform and a related platform developed by Diofantos on behalf of the Greek Ministry of Education. In addition, inspired by the ALIEN learning activities that are based on digital games and simulations, a discussion was conducted on learning games and their benefits.

The webinar was attended by Elina Megalou, Aggeliki Politi, and Ioanna Papadimou. You may see the recoreded session below.

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