Webinar on PBL and the ALIEN Objectives, 22/11/2019

ALIEN project webinar “Problem-Based Learning and the ALIEN Project Objectives”, 22/11/2019 11:00EET The webinar presented the problem-based learning approach and related active and experiential learning methodologies. In addition, it presented how the ALIEN project aims to promote the adoption of problem-based learning as a strategic educational approach in higher education through the establishment of physical labs, digital services, and instructor training processes.

Speaker: Hariklia Tsalapatas, University of Thessaly

Hariklia Tsalapatas is an instructor at the University of Thessaly. Her research interests focus on the integration of emerging pedagogical design with digital technologies towards designing innovative, rewarding, and effective learning experiences that build the knowledge and skills needed by industry and society in today’s world. She teaches educational technologies, learning games design, and design thinking. She has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Patras, Greece, a Master’s Degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas, a MBA from Columbia University in New York, and a PhD from the University of Thessaly with a focus on serious games design.

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