Webinar on Gamification and PBL, 4/5/2020

ALIEN webinar “Gamification and PBL”, 4/5/2020 09:00 (GMT), 11:00 (EET), 15:00 (Hanoi time)

Place: https://meet.google.com/opp-xzcz-sbu

ALIEN is a project for promoting active and problem based learning methods. Gamification is a implementation of game elements in non-game environment (including classroom). Gamification as a teaching method for sure is active but how it relates to problem based learning. This webinar will introduce how how gamified learning activities can be designed (what is the gamification design process) and focus on possibilities how to integrate problem based learning with the gamification or game based learning (problems = challenges).


Martin Sillaots, Tallinn University

Martin Sillaots is an associate professor of serious games and the head of the Digital Learning Games international master’s programme (dlg.tlu.ee/) in Tallinn University. He is teaching courses like Game Logic, Learning Game Design and Gamification Workshop and is a national coordinator of several international projects like: MAGNUS, G.A.STEM and ALIEN.

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