Webinar on Education in the New Era: challenges and opportunities 22/10/2020

ALIEN webinar titled “Education in the New Era: Challenges and Opportunities was delivered on October 22, 2020 by Dr. Manish Pokharel of Kathmandu University at 11.00 EET.

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Covid 19 has sets entire globe to zero.  Now, we have new more global problems rather than local problems.  We have entirely different challenges and opportunities in this pandemic and these challenges can be addressed with global perspectives. No country is safe until every country is safe. Education has moved to new era because of this pandemic. Entire educational system has to be rewired in order to address the new challenges and to get the new opportunities. Adaptation and Innovation are pre-requisite to survive in this new era with proper use of proper emerging technologies. This talk will be more on proper use of emerging technologies to equip entire world to address the new challenges and grab the new opportunities with proper education.


Prof. Manish Pokharel, ME, PhD

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Kathmandu University, NEPAL

Dr. Manish Pokharel is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal. He holds a Post Doctorate and PhD from Korea Aerospace University, South Korea from 2007-2013. His research interests are: Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Analytics, Personalized Adaptive Learning, Active Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. He has taught various graduate level courses in Korea Aerospace University from 2008 – 2010. From the last 25 years, he has been involved with Department of Computer Science and Engineering Kathmandu University as a lecturer, Assistant Professor, Head of Department and Professor.

He is appointed as a member of High Level ICT Council under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of Nepal. He was also the member of “High Level Education Commissions” under the chairmanship of Education Minister in Nepal. At present, he is working on “Impact of Covid 19 in Education and using Disruptive Technologies such as: AI, Cloud Computing, and Big Data to manage the challenges in Education”.

He has attended many National and International Conferences as a keynote speaker and special speakers and also he has written many research papers in International conferences as well as in Journals. He has travelled India, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, Finland, South Korea, Macao, China, USA, Costa Rica, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Portugal and Spain