Problem-based learning in secondary education event, 9/5/2019

The University of Thessaly organized an event on problem-based learning in secondary education. The event targeted mathematics secondary school teachers and students in the area of Thessaly. The event was organized in collaboration with the Secondary Education Authorities of the region of Thessaly, which has 700K inhabitants, and the Hellenic Mathematical Society, Magnesia Division.

The event was attended by approximately 80 individuals, both teachers and students. The audience had the opportunity to be exposed to the benefits of problem-based learning in mathematics, science, and technology (STEM) education. In addition, the audience was exposed to active and experiential learning design. The audience participated in a workshop in which randomly created teams, based on distributed colored cards at the entrance build card towers, with the objective of building the highest tower that could withstand the weight of a 1kg box of chocolates. The winning team took home the chocolate box. The event was very well received with enthusiastic participation by the audience. Teachers worked together with their students in teams collaboratively striving for a good result.