PBL in Internet Programming HTML course, MCU

Course overview

The web is built of pages created in HTML. Although many individuals, particularly recruiters, refer to HTML as a programming language, HTML is really not a programming language at all. HTML is exactly what is claims to be: a mark-up language. HTML is used to mark up a text document similarly to marking a printed text with a red pencil. The marks indicate the format, or style, that should be used when displaying the marked text. This course introduces students to the basics of HTML programming.

Participants in piloting 

The course targets 3rd year students in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Mean Chey University. 14 students attended the course in the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

The course highlighted how the web is the fastest growing part of the internet, with thousands of new sites added daily. It developed skills highly demanded by industry as business and commerce begin to embrace the web more fully. It demonstrated that creative like writers, designers, and artists should also be learning more about the web. It highlighted the fact that the commercial art and advertising worlds are already making the transition to this new medium. Students became aware that nearly any computer professional should have some notion of how HTML works and why the web is based on it. The course activities demonstrated that one does not need to be a scientist to create web pages, rather office workers, editors, public relations specialists, salespeople, real estate agents, financial advisors and consultants of all flavours can benefit from HTML programming. Students understood that the web is so diverse that it is impossible to categorize all the reasons to learn HTML page creation. HTML can be used for developing home office pages, presenting small businesses on-line, disseminating family photo sessions, and more. Students developed basic understanding of HTML use through hands-on projects. The activities took place in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory.