PBL in Information System Analysis and Design course, MCU

Course overview

The course develops information system analysis and design knowledge and skills. It helps students understand how to manage basic data and use information skills to solve problems. It further helps students build knowledge on creating data management systems. The course provides students with basic understanding on data management systems analysis and stages. Work includes the collection of data and it’s structuring into a specific data set before engaging in the creation of an entire database management system.

Participants in piloting 

The course targets 3rd year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Mean Chey University. 14 students attended the course in the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

The course involved weekly theoretical sessions followed by practical assignments during which students solved problems in groups. The course took place on-line, so it was not possible to deploy the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory. Through course activities students understood the general definitions of systems, functions, and responses in system design.