Multiplier event for secondary school students in Malaya, 5 and 12/12/2020

Programming Workshop in Python through Computational Thinking

On-line active learning workshops were conducted on December 5 and 12, 2020 on  developing programing skills. The events targeted secondary education students and pre-university students. 20 individuals attended the events, that had a total duration of 6 hours.

Basics of programming was taught through 3 sorting algorithms: bubble sort, count sort and, merge sort. Students not only learned the Python programming language, they also learned how to solve problems through computational thinking. The Google Colab environment was used as the programming IDE.

In the workshops, students first became familiar with sorting algorithms.  Subsequently, they followed a step-by-step process for transferring their ideas into programmable code. And finally, they were challenged to code the algorithms in a programming environment.