Engineering and programming for girls event 15/10/2020

 The University organized an event on the deployment of serious games towards building programming skills. The event, which focused on problem-based and active learning through games and simulations, focused on the equal participation of both genders in digital and engineering careers. The audience had the opportunity to reflect on the benefits of serious games as learning tools that, when properly designed, increase the interactivity in the classroom, provide real-time feedback that helps students link cause and effect and understand the consequences of their choices, motivates engagement in learning, and builds soft skills, such as collaboration capacity and critical thinking.

The event further focuses on how engineering builds the problem-solvers of tomorrow, who have the foundational knowledge and critical thinking capacity necessary for addressing the challenges of the 21st century. Due to COVID-19 the event was deliberately small, with 30 individuals attending. The event was organized in collaboration with the Secondary Education Authorities of the area of Thessaly, that has 700K inhabitants, and the Hellenic Mathematical Society.