Event on design thinking in secondary education, 4/4/2020

The University of Thessaly organized on April 4, 2020 an event on active learning, and more specifically on design thinking, as a learning methodology for promoting the entrepreneurial capacity of educators and students in secondary education. The event was organized in collaboration with the Secondary Education Administrative Authorities of the area of Thessaly, Greece which has 700K inhabitants, and the Hellenic Mathematical Society, Magnesia Division.

The authorities guide educational planning with innovative aspects for all schools in the area that has 4 major towns, namely Volos, Larissa, Karditsa, and Trikala and many smaller ones. The audience had the opportunity to be exposed for the first time to the concept of design thinking and its benefits on active learning. The audience further participated in a workshop on enriching educational practices in math through design thinking. ALIEN leaflets were distributed. Approximately 80 individuals participated in the event.