ALIEN presentation to the University of Crete by UTH, 28/9/2020

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ALIEN was presented to 5 researchers of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete on September 28, 2020. The audience had the opportunity to reflect on problem-based and active learning and their benefits in engineering education and more generally higher and secondary education in terms of knowledge retention and transferability from the academic environment to the world of work. In addition, the audience discussed experiential learning design based on Kolb’s theory that knowledge creation starts from an event that an individual follows through with research until the individual is altered. The audience experienced the ALIEN digital learning platform and saw how problems are structured. There was a specific interest on publishing new material and so the audience was informed on how to registered as a teacher. In addition, the audience reviewed the ALIEN digital forums through which SIG members may exchange good practices on problem-based learning methodologies, problem-based learning in specific subjects, AI and problem-based learning, problem-based learning and gamification. Finally, the audience viewed pictures from the ALIEN labs and instructor training. A discussion followed on how it would be very interesting to built at the University of Crete labs similar to those developed by ALIEN not only for higher education students but also for use by visitors, such as secondary schools. In addition, the audience reflected on how some educators already use problem-based learning in student theses, practical training, Erasmus+ student exchanges, and other activities even though they do not realize it.