4th instructor training event by UTH

A 4th instructor training event took place on September 15, 2020.  The event took place virtually due to the measures for the prevention of Covid. The event targeted instructors at the Diana Lab of the Department of Informatics with applications in Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly that is located in the town of Lamia in Central Greece. The lab is affiliated with the Pasteur institute of Greece. 5 individuals participated in the event.

During the event the individuals had the opportunity to reflect on the benefits of problem-based and active learning in engineering education. Most importantly, they had the opportunity to be exposed to the ALIEN learning intervention that is developed around 3 tangents, namely the installation of physical labs at universities in Asia, the development of a digital learning repository, and capacity building in the form of instructor training sessions and community events.

In relation to the digital platform, the audience was familiarized with the repository of learning activities and the emphasis that the platform puts on the publication, sharing, and re-use of material through functionality that allows the creation of new problems from old for adapting them to the learning needs of additional educational scenarios.