3rd instructor training event by UTH       

The 3rd instructor training event by UTH was hosted on June 1, 2020. The event targeted administrators and researchers at the University of Thessaly Research Committee, the group that promotes European collaboration projects. The event was attended by 10 individuals and it took place on-line due to the COVID-29 restrictions. During the event the audience had the opportunity to be exposed to the concepts and benefits of problem-based learning and related educational methodologies of active learning and experience-based learning. The audience reflected on how these emerging methodologies help build fundamental knowledge as well as transfersal learning skills include critical thinking, analytical thinking, collaboration ability, entrepreneurial thinking, and more. In addition, the audience’s awareness was raised on the opportunities that problem-based learning offers towards building skills that are desirable by industry and society, bridring the skills gap between academia and industry, and fostering the transferability of skills from the educational environment to the world of work through learning scenarios inspired by real-life.

The audience further had the opportunity to be exposed to the ALIEN digital learning platform that acts as a repository of problem-based learning activities that deploy digital tools and also as a collabortion platform that encourages student engagement, brainstorming, problem analysis, and solution synthesis.

Finally, the audience was exposed to some of the ALIEN project instructor training activities and physical problem-based learning lab development taking place as Asian partner universities.

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