2nd instructor training event by UTH       

The second instructor training event took place on April 8, 2020. The event took place on-line. 20 individuals participated in the event, who were external to UTH educators and other professionals with an interest in using technology for upgrading educational processes. The event focused on both the theoretical framework of the ALIEN project, presenting principles of problem-based learning and related active and experiential learning methodologies that offer advantages in terms of linking educational practices to the real world and promoting the transferability of knowledge from the educational to the work environment. In addition, the event presented good practices of the ALIEN project, and specifically some of the laboratories being developed at Asian universities. Finally, the event presented the ALIEN digital learning platform through a demonstration of the problem repository, the functionality for structuring problems that targets educators, the functionality for accessing problems that targets students, and the community building forums that allow all ALIEN platform participants to share knowledge and experiences on subjects such as problem-based learning methodologies and tools, problem-based learning and software engineering, problem-based learning and AI, problem-based learning and gamification, and individual interests related to problem-based learning in participating countries.

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