2nd instructor training event by UM

The 2nd Instructor Training Event hosted by University of Malaya, took place on 20th September 2019 a week after the first event. It was attended by fourteen (14) lecturers from the Department of Software Engineering. This session is the continuing session from the first event conducted and hence the aim of this training event is to familiarised lecturers to the actual facilities available in TEALs lab for them to seriously design and embed active learning in their course.

The training was fully hands-on and using the gallery-walk approach. Five (5) stations have been set up for lecturers to try and experience for themselves on how TEALs equipment and facilities can be used to maximise students learning experience. The five stations are the arduino, the raspberry pi, the drones, autonomous car and 3D Printer. Each station was facilitated by different facilitators – Dr. Nazean Jomhari, Dr. Asmiza Abdul Sani, Dr. Hazrina Sofian and Dr. Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof. The session was also assisted by one master’s student Mr. Nabiel Mukarram. This event was indeed a true active learning in nature where lecturers learned from facilitators and peers at their own pace. Upon completion of one station activity, lecturers then move on to the next station of their own choice. It was truly a fun and exciting event for all as we were interacting actively, experimenting and experiencing new ‘gadgets’ that can be used to enhance students learning and learned how those activities can be embedded into the subject. The session end with lecturers having clearer ideas on what active learning is all about, what activities they may design and use in their course and how much learning they themselves experienced from the active learning activities gained from this event.