1st instructor training event by TLU

The first instructor training event, hosted by TLU was on September 17, 2020, with 6 participants.



  1. Anni  
  2. Hanna-Liisa Pender 
  3. Martin Sillaots 
  4. Mikhail Fiadotau 
  5. Triinu Jesmin 
  6. Vladimir Tomberg 


1) Get to know each other 

2) Map topics that needs to be discussed (today and in the future)  

3) How to survive with hybrid learning? 


Name  Courses  Format  Platform  Fun Fact 
Triinu  Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games  Online  Google Classroom / Google Meet  5 projects, 1 week mother, 1 week at the country side 
Hanna-Liisa  Design Theory and Methodology  Online  Google Classroom / Google Meet  Moved to live in Läänema 
Vladimir  Game studies  Blended  Google Drive / Zoom  2 granddaughters 
Anni  2D Game Art  Online  Google Classroom / Google Meet  Cat 
Mikhail  Introduction of DLG  Blended  Google Classroom / Google Meet  From Belarus, first game ended up as a novel in Bulgaria 
Martin  LIFE, Master’s Thesis Seminar  Blended  Google Classroom / Google Meet  Dog 


Other topics: 

Triinu – Corse of statistics was unexpectedly popular – 40 students per 22 seats in the computer lab. Most of the  DLG students were rejected because this course was elective to them. Solution: Provide this course on yearly basis (currently this course takes place after every 2 years)? Find another person to teach this – Vladimir has a candidate. 


Hanna-Liisa decides to make prerecorded video presentations. How to keep discussion alive? Solution: Maybe create online tests per every presentation. During the online meeting ask questions or let them ask questions. In fact real-time video presentations and recording them is easier to organize but the quality is lower. 


Vladimir – Online or in class course is easy, Hybrid is challenge – How to make people work in pairs in blended learning? 

Vladimir – Requirements for defense? 

Vladimir – New doc student – health psychology – WS or LIFE course – Designing digital services for behavioral changes. 


Mikhail – Uses graphic tablet as an online white board. Lot of technical issues with blended learning. Sometimes the voice of online students is coming from the projector. Sometimes students will take over the ownership of the recorded video. Solution – be the first in the meeting room. 


Tools for online collaboration: 

Google Jam-board – whiteboard with sticky notes 

Online whiteboard – https://whiteboardfox.com/ 

DesignIT – https://dt4s.e-ce.uth.gr 



One issue that was not discussed – Sometimes students can’t find a link to the online meeting or class. 


Next meeting Oct 22 at 14:00. Topic – (online) teaching and evaluation practices (and issues, questions, tips and tricks).