PBL in Visual Basic Programming course, MCU

Course overview

The course provides students with basic and understanding of each step in the preparation and development of Microsoft® Windows applications for use in any company, organization, or institution. Students learn about record sets, understand the properties and methods used in record set management, and apply data entry from a form to a table. Students learn how to download data from a table or query and insert it into a form using an SQL statement.

Participants in piloting 

The course targets 3rd year students in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Mean Chey University. 14 students attended the course in 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

The instructor used student-centered methodologies. The instructor presented problems on an LCD projector screen, explained the related concepts, and asked students to solve the assignment.  Upon completion, students presented their findings to the entire class. The course took place in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory.