PBL in Operating System course, KU

Course overview

The course focuses on introducing and applying the fundamentals of computer operating systems concepts including Process Management, Memory and Input Output Management, Processor Scheduling, Synchronization, File System. It also familiarizes the students with the design and implementation aspect of an Operating system. Learning is delivered through lectures, and through practical hands-on activities that take place in computer labs but due to pandemic the lab and lectures were conducted in a virtual environment.

Participants in piloting 

The course enrolled 15 students. The course is mandatory in the Sixth Semester of Bachelor in Computational Mathematics offered by the Department of Mathematics of Kathmandu University. The given course provides the basics of operating systems and the students get familiarized with the features controlling modern operating systems.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

The students had to solve problems related to different topics of operating systems in tutorial sessions and in lab sessions the students were asked to implement the algorithm taught in their theoretical classes.  Students are also asked to solve the problems related to various topics of operating systems such as Process Management, Memory Management, Deadlock, Analysing the different page replacement algorithm. All these sessions were conducted in a virtual environment, the ALIEN PBL platform was used for putting the problems.

Once our university reopens in physical mode, we will make use of Active Learning Lab for conducting the tutorial sessions to solve the problems related to course.