PBL in Object Oriented Programming course, KU

Course overview

The course is designed to enhance the programming skills of the first-year students, having knowledge of structured programming with C (which they cover in the first year/first part). This course introduces the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming constructs in C++. Topics include classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and template etc. The course is mandatorily conducted in a laboratory environment where students learn about different topics by learning by doing approach.

Participants in piloting 

This course is mandatory for the first year, second semester students of School of Engineering, Kathmandu University. Approximately 400 students actively are engaged in the course. This course enhances the programming horizon of engineering students, where they get knowledge of object-oriented programming to implement the concept in their real-world modelling in different fields of engineering.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

All sessions of the course are delivered in a laboratory set up, where each student (group of 60 each) is provided with a dedicated computer with a Linux environment. The theoretical knowledge is also acquired by the student during the discussion of any program using the concept of problem-based learning. It involves in-depth discussion of every chapter of the course and its probable implementation in their field of engineering.