PBL in Mathematics for Business course, MCU

Course overview

Mathematics for Business addresses situations that are uncertain and volatile, influencing the use of data, data interpretation, and data analysis in practice in many areas, especially in real-time applications. This course provides the necessary foundation related to data analysis and manipulation aiming to assist in the effective decision-making of managers who are facing constant competition.

Participants in piloting 

The course addresses 2nd and 4th year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Technology. 47 students attended the course in the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

Course activities exposed students to use SPSS® software for statistical analysis in problem-solving and research data analysis. Students worked in groups solving problems introduced by the educator on the projector. Students researched and presented their results to the entire class. The course took place in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory.