PBL in Computer Architecture and organization course, KU

Course overview

The main objective of this course is to provide the concepts of computer architecture as well as computer organization and design.  The course deals with designing the basic computers, Central processing unit, Control unit, Input and Output organization and Memory organization. The course considers Digital logic and Microprocessor as a prerequisite.

Participants in piloting 

The course is obligatory in the 3rd year of undergraduate studies at the Department of Electrical and Electronics and Department of Mathematics of Kathmandu University. Approximately 74 students are engaged in the course. The course introduces students about the organization of computer structure and the implementation of its architecture

Use of ALIEN services and tools

As an active learning part, students were asked to design the basic computers using the knowledge gain in the course. The students were asked to do the task independently, they were allowed to make the assumptions (such as Word length, Memory size, Instruction format). The given task allows the students to utilize their gained knowledge into practise and make the students clear about the design aspects of a Computer. After pandemic, the established active learning lab will be used by the students to conduct the discussion and to conduct the tutorials class.