PBL in Basic Accounting course, MCU

Course overview

Accounting refers to information and measurement systems that are well-defined, record and communicate information reliably, and offer the capacity to compare information related to an organization’s business activities. Business records are kept in a chronograph of transactions and events. They are classified and summarized in a useful way. Business communication activities require the preparation of accounting statements, such as financial statements, etc. Accounting also focuses on the analysis and interpretation of such reports. This course exposes students to basic concepts of accounting and develops practical skills on well accepted accounting methods.

Participants in piloting 

The course targets 2nd year students in the Faculty of Business Management and Tourism of Mean Chey University. 35 students attended the course in the 2019 – 2020 academic year.

Use of ALIEN services and tools

The course was conducted partially in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory and partially on-line. Specifically, activities started in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory and continued virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students worked on projects from home and were responsible for finding effective ways to display the results of their work on-line.