4th instructor training event by UM

The 4rd Instructor Training Event hosted by University of Malaya, was in the form of mentoring approach. This mentoring activities started from 9 November 2019. All six (6) participating lecturers from the Department of Software Engineering started by preparing their active learning documents such as project brief, rubrics, teamwork contract and other related documents. The discussion between lecturers and their mentors was made both face to face and through email.

During this mentoring period, lecturers learn to write good project brief using a specific template. This template contains information almost similar or more information to the PBL problem template use in the ALIEN PBL platform. The learning process on coming up with good project brief were done iteratively with each submission received appropriate and timely feedback from the mentor. The feedback was used to improve the document until it was fit to be released as official active learning instruction for the course. This process was also done for the assessment rubrics.

At the end of this instructor training period, appropriate active learning students’ instruction sheet (project brief) was produced and final PBL monitoring and assessment form were created. These documents were ready for the implementation stage of active learning using TEALs in this project.