3rd instructor training event by MCU

The 3rd instructor training event took place on October 23, October, 2020. The event lasted an entire day. Participants engaged in active and problem-based learning activities. The event was attended by 12 individuals from different faculties of Meanchey University. 5 of them attended the training in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory and 7 attended virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The event aimed at improving the participants’ teaching through active learning best practices. There was a focus on on-line teaching due to the volatile situation as a result of COVID-19. The participants were encouraged to find different ways for delivering instruction on-line. They were encouraged to use Google® Classroom, on-line assignments, and follow-up on student work. Lecturers exchanged their experiences. They discussed how they designed problems, encouraging students to solve them. Some of the participants had very little experience on on-line instruction. After the completion of the training they were in a better position to use on-line tools for sharing documents with students as well as platforms, such as Zoom® and Google® Meet. The event took place in the ALIEN problem-based learning laboratory.