ALIEN presented at the Technologies in Education course of UTH 7 and 12/10/2020

ALIEN was presented to students enrolled in the Technology in Education elective course of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Thessaly. Two separate presentations took place, one on October 7 and one on October 12 2020, each attended by 45 students.

The students had the opportunity to be exposed to innovative pedagogical practices such as problem-based learning, active learning, and experiential learning and to reflect on the benefits of these approaches towards building foundational knowledge and soft skills that are in-line with industry and societal needs and are transferable to the real world.

The students were exposed to ALIEN activities including the development of labs at universities in Asia, instructor training, and community building. They further followed a demo of the digital services, which they will use throughout the fall 2020 semester for developing and publishing problems. The presentation was not recorded because Greek regulations forbid the recording of sessions that take place in courses  see the presentation ALIEN 7.10.2020



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