Instructor training event in Hanoi, 6/12/2019

A transnational instructor training event took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event was organized by the University of Hanoi.
It took place after the completion of the 4th consortium meeting.
The purpose of the event was to build instructor skills on integrating problem-solving activities in the classroom. Approximately 20 individuals participated from Vietnam. In addition, the event was attended by partners from Pakistan and from Greece.
During the event the audience built spaghetti bridges. The activity aimed to help instructors build skills for organizing themselves problem-based learning activities for their students. The participants worked in small groups. The activity was gamified, asking the teams to build a bridge that can withstand the highest possible weight.
The teams produced imaginative bridges with the winning bridge holding more than 30 kilos, with the second strongest following close.
The participants particularly enjoyed the event, as can be seen in the photos below!

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